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Help! I have a WRAG telephone assessment soon and don't know what to do!

My husband is currently claiming ESA after a deterioration of a long term physical mobility problem (he is ex-army and it is due to active military service). He gets a small amount for me and I also get DLA at higher rate for care & mobility due to my fibro and degenerative spine +osteo-arthirits and spinal verve damage. I have had several spine op's in the last 5 years.

He has been claiming for just under 6 months and has an ATOS medical in two weeks time - but I have today received a letter from the Job Centre telling me I have to take part in a work assessment by telephone the day before his medical.

The letter says I may have to enter a WRAG if they deem me fit enough to get a job - but here is the problem ........ I had to give up working just over 4 years ago due to my physical health problems and now I am worried that they might try to make me join a WRAG or find myself a job when my surgeon and GP have both told me in the past I am not fit enough to work.

Is it usual that I have this telephone consultation the day before his ATOS medical? Will it affect the outcome of his medical?

Sorry, if I'm not making sense, but I am now all of a panic as although I have been claiming DLA, we have never been on other benefits in the past, so this is all new and frightening to us!

Thank you :)

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my daughters partner was asked to go for a a wca at their local children s centre. they asked me to go with them as they both get very confused easily. it lasted a whole 5 mins. the bloke just wanted to ask him if he thought he might be thinking of going back to work any-time in the future. obviously he said no as he had to give up work to look after my daughter she has HMS and needs numerous ops over the next few yrs ( though atos have said she can poss work in the next 12 months and put her in the wrag and she has to go to work groups though they have said they cant do anything for her) the bloke said ok we wont contact you again but if you want any help getting back to work or do any courses ect just let us know.

just explain your circumstances but don't say if he helps care for you as they will say that if he can do that he can work, we are just going through this with my hubby changing from IB to ESA ( he is ex soldier as well and has PTSD as well as physical and memory probs)


It has nothing to do with your husbands ATOS medical, just tell them you can't work, end of. They may ask you to send some paperwork to back up your claim, that's all. Good luck.


Thank you for your replies. I am still worried sick about this, but guess I will just have to see what happens on the day. Just over a week to go and the stress is affecting my fibro already :(


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