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Freeeeeezzzing ,, burrrrr,,,

Sat here freezing,, had to wait till it came up to 3pm to stick on the gas fire. As its so bloody expensive to keep warm. There are things I can do as am on a low income but missed the deadline to get help. I was okay then tho. It's now I need it as my incomes changed. Roll on summer we need you ,,, freezing here in East Yorkshire it's foggy n cold .

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It's horrible to be cold!

You might still be eligible for help - why not contact CAB to see what can be organised?

In the meantime, it's on with the 'onesie', fill the hot water bottles and throw your duvet over the sofa to keep warm!

Moffy x


I will try them for definite there only open one day a week here ,,will go down and see which day it is. I've got the duvet and hot water bottles on go,,three bottles Lol,,Gwen and I sat here with the two cats huddled on the sofa lol ,, x


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