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Need your help please!

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As you all know, I have fibro and over Xmas suffered a brain haemorrhage and underwent double brain surgery.

People keep telling me I should apply for DLA but I can potter round the house albeit very slowly and painfully. I'm not allowed to drive as I had some seizures when I had the haemorrhage and I do need help with most things but I can do personal care.

Is this a valid claim for dla and is it means tested on my hubby's income please?

I read all the horror stories on here and I'm scared of applying!

Thanks for any advice my fibro family! X

13 Replies
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Its not means tested and its now called pip cab should help you with advice and prob filling forms in apply for it its your right x

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Hi, yes apply, No it is not means tested and it won't affect any other type of benefit you may receive. Dla has different levels of payment determined by the type and amount of help you need. You have nothing to loose by applying, :) go for it! Good luck, you deserve a few pounds to treat yourself after all you've been through x

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Hi Charli how are you doing? A bit of a long haul I think sending comforting hugs(((((())))))))))) Now then put a claim in for P.I.P. thats the new name you need to get a form slammed in dont be afraid they are there to help (amazingly) so go for it. You know you can always get help here on site.

Keep strong


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charlii in reply to Ginsing

Aww thanks Gins, I've been told that CAB can help with the forms as also going to apply for a blue badge as I'm wobbly on my legs still. Is it true they can do home visits? X

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Ginsing in reply to charlii

I dont know about home visits but getting a blue badge should be easy get someone to get the form and away you go. I have had no problems and I am like you wobbly well a tele tubby realy l:) xgins

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Willow51 in reply to charlii

You may be able to apply for a blue badge at the local library, they take your photo there and then so saving you time and money. Don't forget to apply for your disabled bus pass, I know you have to be able get to the bus stop, but mine enables me to get out every day, I'd be lost without it. I hope all your applications go well ane are successful, good luck, Linda, x

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Hi Charlii, I'm really sorry to hear what you've been through bless you're heart! And YES you will qualify for DLA and you should apply ASAP! You will qualify for both the mobility and care parts by the sound of it and you will need to complete the form telling them about what you're like on your worst days. Many of us have completed the forms and can offer advice if you need it I'm sure. It's always best to take photocopies of the whole form when you complete it incase you need to appeal or for the next time you have to reapply as it's quite common to be turned down the first time you apply and you need to remember what you out. You might also qualify for a disabled parking badge because although like me you can't drive it means that someone driving you can park in a disabled space so you have as short a distance to wall as possible! Good luck to you

Best wishes


Hi Charli, I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Like the others I say go for it and good luck ......lots of hugs sue

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Yes, cab do home visits, just ring and leave your name and number.

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Hi Charli

Hope you are feeling a well after all you have been through..

Like everyone else i agree that you should apply as you have nothing to lose and may gain some support that im am sure that you deserve.. Phone PIP and they will give you a number that you can call for help to fill the form in..

why wait do it now.. Good luck keep well and safe..

Gentle Hugs

Gilly xxx

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Hi charlii, what a horrid time you've been through, but I'm pleased you have come through it. To the best of my knowledge the CAB will come out to people who can't get in to see them. It would be worthwhile giving your local office a ring and I am sure they will be able to sort something out to help you, and they are really good at filling in the forms too :-)

Foggy x

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Yes, do apply. My sister suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2002. She was awarded DLA middle care and lower rate mobility. She can no longer drive and has a freedom pass.

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Hi Charlii,

Don't be afraid and don't let all the reports you've heard about the difficulties others have experienced with claiming PIP (used to be DLA) put you off.

Remember, Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained!

Stay positive

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