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Research into Fibromyalgia


Please could someone give the link so that I can register for the Fibromyalgia research study into genes, if volunteers are still needed?

I have trawled through pages of blogs but can't find it.

Many thanks. Saskia.XX

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I think it was eversohappy who posted about it, maybe she could help xx


Here's the link :)

Many thanks, ladies!

What quick responses, too!

I'll get onto it now.

I tried once before but got stumped when the form asked for height and weight in metric. Numbers aren't my thing!

When I had a BP check and dietary advice for high cholesterol recently the nurse did my weight (eek!!!!) and height in metric for me.

SOooooo....I am all set to go now..

Love and hugs Saskia XX

I have finally filled in the registration form....phew...that was hanging over me.

Let's hope the study helps all of us. Wouldn't it be great if a breakthrough could be found?

Saskia XX

MdaisyAdministrator in reply to Saskia

All done then Saskia ! If there was some significant conclusion to this study we would all be doing cartwheels (if we could) :)


That would indeed be an acievement Mdaisy.. As I have never been able to master the cartwheel :D

Angeldancea812 in reply to Hidden

How good to know I am not the only one. Handstands aplenty, cartwheels never.

As a child and teen I was brilliant at cartwheels, one or two handed, and walking on my hands - think I must have had ideas of joining a circus :D Certainly can't do it now! xxx


I could never cartwheel when I was young. I couldn't do headstands either. I fell off a bike once and because of a bully of a PE teacher I never learnt to swim! She pushed me in the swimming pool and totally traumatised me. I have had lessons as an adult and just cannot master it.

In fact, I am pretty useless in the activity

Anyway, on a serious note, it would be so good if, as Mdaisy says, there could be a significant conclusion to the study.

It has just come to me what I could do....I could sing a happy song at the top of my voice!

Hugs Saskia X


Tra L a La ...... starts to hum instead as useless at singing...but does grab the guitar !

Thanks fibrofriends...just joined up with the study....fingers crossed (if it don't hurt too much)Hope they find something new in their research...Good to know we have the support from them...gentle hugz :) xxxx

Well done, BB

I think they are still looking for more volunteers. Hope they can come up with some answers through their research.

Hugs, Saskia XX

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