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recent research with DS 5565 for fibromyalgia



I have just started screening for a medication trial for a Japanese drug called DS-5565 { just google it and research info will come up}

it will be through Salford royal hospital in Manchester and it is an investigational drug at this time, medication will start in a few weeks- just curious if anyone else is on this in another part of the UK , will never see any other fibromyalgia sufferers on the research and some of us will be receiving placebos also - would be good to liase with another sufferer who will be trialing the medication also

many thanks in advance


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Good luck Paul :)

many thanks

Hi paulyrock888

There have been quite a few studies undertaken with this drug and they appear to have some good results so far. In the US it has been trialed for neuropathic pain caused by diabetes as well.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your trial.

All my hopes and dreams for you


many thanks for your kind words - I will update you when I know more about its effects

Thanks I genuinely look forward to the update :)

I read about this trial. Salford Royal is the hospital I attend for various things. I'm about to embark on a pain management course so chose not to take part in this trial. I am interested though so please keep us posted. Good luck Paul.

thanks for reply , I will update you on its effects regardless of its outcome


Good luck and please keep us informed!!

cool - I will update you when I know more about its effects

I often look into participation into research though I'm too far away from anywhere :-P It would be good to be helpful. I am on a list at Oxford for a forthcoming study which does not require attendance or forgoing my current medication.

Hope they have some positive results :-)

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