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Disability Living Allowance

Well I hadn't heard after the medical a few weeks ago so I rang them up.They said That my claim had been looked at,not changed (so still no benefit awarded) and sent to tribunal.! I've already waited since last June .I've looked at my finances and even with cutting down to a bare skeleton I can't afford to eat and I'm still going to be £275 overdrawn each month.Oh well at least my diet will go well.

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call the cab and tell them the situation an ask for an app't.

ring your mortgage people and make an app't. they can arrange for you to lower your payments - they'd rather you do that than get into debt and pay nothing. if the first person says no, ask for a senior member of staff, if necc keep going higher until you find the one who says yes.

the same goes for the fuel companies, credit cards and catalogues.

the cab can do that for you.

hope this helps,



that's great,thanks


Im sorry i cant help with advice but im sending you gentle, warm hugs....i hope everything works out in the end for you....Charlii xx


thanks x


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