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Food Fads

Am i alone in going through phases of only eating certain things? At the moment it is boiled eggs and soldiers and cheese and onion rolls (same as sausage rolls.) I have been through some odd phases too like i would only eat roast beef sandwiches and puffed up pork scratchings! Frazzle crisps are another example> I dont remember being like this before fibro so is it maybe a fibro thingy or am i just going bonkers?

Does anyone else experience this and if so what are your fads> Love Charlii xx

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Umm I go through phases of eating everything ... This explains the diet... But from choice if I am honest I would never eat fruit or vegetables I just don't like them never have but I know i have too... So I do :( . One thing I can't have in the house is Worcester sauce.... I keep sneaking to the cupboard and drinking it neat till its gone.... It's an addiction ...once I know its there I keep chugging... But everything you mention I love hard when trying to diet

VG xxx


I reckon it's a fibro thing.

I have always made an effort to eat really healthily, but sometimes I can't face my usual meal and crave some crisps and chocolate or even a Cornish pasty!

It's not going to hurt to indulge now and again, but I guess we need to be careful not to let our eating habits become too erratic!

Yours, munching a turkish delight



Fish fingers, VG? >>>>>> runs >>>>>>



haha moffy, we so need a "like" button on here....get swimming V-G! xx


I am terrible about eating the right things!! What I mean is the spirit is willing but the mind and body are so, so weak. I am diabetic and really take care to avoid sugar and other nasties, and I DO have times when I crave certain foods. Chocolate of course is always on the menu!! But I have times when I really want a bag of crisps, then next day I can't stand them. But I do love my veg and have today made a wonderful pea soup using frozen peas and it's gorgeous!! And doesn't affect my blood sugars!!

AND my daughter pointed out to me the new Muller Lite yoghurt with turkish delight flavour!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XX


OMW.......and I thought it was only me...... Ta ever so moffy for putting me on the right course, it's fibro, phewwy.

Living alone I can rarely be bothered to cook for myself, even though as I think I've said here before, I'm a cordon bleu cook, infact I think that's made me worse as I only ever wan to cook in the large quantities that I have been used to doing for so long until e fibro rendered me incapable. At the moment my diet consists mostly of sweet and salted popcorn ! Fresh fruit and Yoghurt. Now how's that for a healthy one ??? Not !! I have never liked chocolate or anything like that, I love most fruits, they can be done without cooking. Oh oops, I nearly missed out Toast - granary toast, but I only indulge occasionally as wheat doesn't agree with me , but the occasional piece with marmite......yumscidallyumpious !



I'm addicted.

I add it to anything and everything in cooking, eat it crystallised, in syrup, chocloate coated, ginger cake, drink ginger beer, ginger tea.......

heads off to kitchen to get today's fix!



I have a thing about feta cheese mayo and cucumber sandwhiches. I also go through phases of eating small bowls of pickled onions and beetroot. I do sometimes adopt a see food diet. But have managed to lose weight. I have recently found that my local Tesco sells Welsh cakes. Trouble is, once I open the pack that's it I have to finish it. Lol


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