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I don't come on and blog very often and when I do it is usually a whinge as this is one place where people really do "get" what I am experiencing. I do come on and read posts and always go away feeling inspired by what I have read.

Today I am off work with a cold and feeling really sorry for myself. My nose is red and swollen, I am sure it is visible from space, and my eyes are running.

I logged on and read the blog by fadedblossom about husbands and now my eyes are running for a different reason. It struck a chord as do so many other blogs on here.

The reason for this blog is just to say "Thank you, for being there and sharing all your experience, tips, highs and lows"

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I hope you feel better soon and I am so glad you find this forum a useful place to come . As you say we all understand we all suffer the same illness and someone is always here to answer and share and help

VG x


That's nice, deebee - hope you pop in more often!

It'll be nice when the weather brightens up and we can all shake off our coughs and colds. Keep warm and get well soon!

Moffy x


Hi deebee

I read your post and started to formulate a reply when the damn fibro fog gripped me and even though I'd read your post only seconds before I could not for the life of me recollect a single word of what you had said. Lol so after re- reading it a few times just wanted to say I hope your feeling better soon and I'm glad you find the site helpful supportive and informative :-) I Seriously hate the fibro fog effect & when it hits I loose chunks of my memory and it hampers my ability to hold a decent conversation with people, I often feel like im in that advert for rowntrees randoms where the people talk pure gobbly gook lol



Hope you feel better soon. I am off work too, have upped my Pregabalin and away with fairies a bit.

Totally agree with all you said. I have done the same as you with the site and grateful to help and inspiration.

Ps, try Vaseline on sore nose as it acts as a barrier, cause I don't know about you but sore nose makes you feel worse.

Take care.



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