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Hospital so far has taken 4 weeks to book an appointment for Lidocain Injections and still no appointment date

Ok , so I am getting a little down, my pain has come back and i've been wanting this appointment for 4 weeks now, i ring the hospital everyday and no answer!! I start my PT Personal Training course end of april and need to be fitter for that and be able to do the course otherwise I am wasting my money . Nothings going right i was let off from my job a few weeks back and I am just wanting to work , earn money and enjoy life and nothing like that is happening.

It shouldnt be taking me 40 mins to get out of bed at 20!!

Sorry for my rant .

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Have you tried ringing your consultant's secretary and asking them to hurry things up? I find this usually works if you've been waiting a long time!

Moffy x


Yes I have tried and no luck :( I'm going to keep trying , fed up of this and been treated like rubbish.

Many gentle hugs x


in my area the waiting time for hospital appointment waiting time is 15 to 16 weeks unless it is a rapid acsses referal then its 2 weeks


They said they wanted me back within 6 weeks and that's how much pregablin they gave me :(


can you not ask your doctor if he can prescribe you in the meantime - worth ago!!


I'm gonna have to! Spoke to the secretary today who laughed at me down the phone and said 6 to 8 weeks you have to be joking your looking at 7 months !!!! 7 months for injectioons


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