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Oh dear.....my faithful wheat bag is no more

As most of you know by now, my wheat bag is my new bff, and is constantly pressed to the side of my face to help with this trigenimal neuralgia outbreak. Well yesterday my OH, daughter and doggy were going for a walk in the local woods so i thought it would be nice to join them.

Daughter finds a rope swing on the top of this high hill and OH is kept busy helping her ush herself off while i lean against a tree wondering why i ever though this was a good idea. With that i hear a high pitched scream, i looked up just in time to see my daughter falling off the swing from the highest point and crashing down onto her left side! Oh rushes to help, i stand there, sick with both fear and shock. We take her home and bath her getting leaves, soil and bugs out of her hair etc and we notice a swelling on her collar bone. I tusked her up in bed with goodies, calpol and dvd's and decide my wheat bag would help so i toddled off into my bedroom as OH has put a microwave in there for me heating up my wheatbag in the night an put it in, shut the door and just turned the dial not really thinking any more of it. I went downstairs and got doing something or other when about 20 mins later OH says "whats that smell?" Yup youve guessed it, wheatbag was smldering in microwave, my bedroom was filled with this scrid yellow smoke and smoke pouring from microwave!!!!!

OH ran to window coughing and spluttering to openthe window and we had fans going all afternoon trying to get rif of the smell but its awful...another few few minutes and we would have had a fire! OH threw the wheatbag out of the window where it landed on the roof above the french doors so then he was throwing jugs of water on it to try to cool it down. The whole house still smells and i am wheatbagless but it could have been much worse!

JUst to top off the perfect day, i took daughter to a+e in the evening as she was complaining of pain and she has broken her collar bone in the fall! So she has been up and down dor most of the night bless her and ive been doing my nursey bit! Oh well.....im blaming the fibro fog! Charlii xx

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Ohh Charlii glad you took your daughter to a&e and although shaken she will bounce back .. I admit to a well thought out plan for wheatbags .. Not my plan I have to admit my brain doent do logical..... My Oh bought me 2 wheatbags when my old faithful died ... After 10 years so I can't complain and started moulting wheat as I moved. Now I have one on and one ready to heat as soon as the other cools too much....

Now you can have a fun day deciding which new microwave you need to fit your bedroom decor

Hugs to you and your daughter and and a condolences card to your wheatbag and microwave and a medal to your OH ,, they do have a lot to put up with when our fibro brains go into fog

VG x


Oh no! What a day!

You can make an improvised heat bag with rice in an old cotton sock. For future, it makes them last longer if you put a small cup of water in the microwave when you heat up the bag. :)


Hi Charlii

What a day! So sorry to hear about your double shock - first your daughter, and then the near-fire with your microwave. I hope your daughter soon starts to feel better, and that you manage to get rid of the smell - my son blew up a microwave in my house some years ago - it's not good!

I have to admit to a small chuckle though, as my mind went into cartoon overdrive at the thought of your OH trying to throw jugs of water onto the roof! you've described it so brilliantly!

Take care of yourself and your daughter - hugs to you all!

Kaz xx


Oow what a day ! Poor u an your daughter, mommy Nurses are the best she will soon heal an b telling the story of how she flew out of a tree bless .

Oow this wheat bags smell bad when u bern them i get the ones with lavender in aswell not so bad if your OH burn's them .

U have to b seeing the funny side today of the dashing about an throwing water out the window . U need a weat bag after a day like that

Hope your daughter feel better soon & you get a nice new wheat bag soon to xx

Xx kugagirlxx


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