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Problem with leg pressures??

I'm wondering if anyone out there suffers a similar problem as me? It's an incredible pain in my groins, that spreads right down the very inner part of my thigh and into my knees. My knees feel as though they are about to burst from the inside, just like an enormous pressure

exploding out. My groins are very sore and the inner thigh so painful to touch.

This keeps me awake throughout the night, just like toothache. S x

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Hi Summerlite,

I personally do not experience this but wondered if this article may be related to the symptoms you describe.

It mentions pain radiating from the pelvis, groin down the thigh.

I would be very interested to know if this sounds in any way familiar to your experiences and I will look forward to reading the comments on this thread



Oh thanks for that emma. I'll have a read and let you know.

I have just begun working with a master chiropractor and I think she just might have so many answers for me regarding the state of my body. Her knowledge of fibro was so informed I nearly cried!! I intend to ask her to focus on my groin etc issues when I go on Tues. I will let you know if her conclusion and then treatment are a help.

By the way the treatment she gave to my muscles across my upper shoulders and neck has me amazed. I am honestly painfree there for the first time in 8yrs!!! And I was in excruciating pain beforehand too.

I'll be in touch Sarah x


That was very interesting, I have exactly the same, very


I have had it for a long time it never goes away completely

Every time I have a flare it gets worse

Last time I had a flare it was so painful I was unable to bend

My leg from the. Top.

My doctor gave me amoxicam, hope the spelling is correct

Anyway not a nice drug has nasty effects on the tummy and

You need to take another medication to counteract this

I only took it twice and it was amazing the pain is still there

But not as bad

I will not take. This very day as the side effects are not good

But it worked for me it apparently blocks a hormone that causes

Pain, I don't know it's only what the doctor has told me I know it's

inflammatory drug



Thanks Viv for your post. I am going to work with my chiropractor before I go back to my GP. The accupuncture I've receivded so far has had a dramatic affect on my pain. I'm hoping that she'll solve my groin problems too. I will keep a blog on my treatments and their affects. S x


Hi there I have a very similar pain to you , it starts in my knee and runs down front if legs left side is worse , it happens any time standing , sitting and living down !!!!!!!

It feels like hot dripping fluid , I've also got torn cartlidge in right knee having m.r.i. Scan tomorrow but dr says they probably won't do anything because the rest of me is so poorly ???

I suppose I shouldn't moan my dr is good she has tried loads of things to help me ?? Not her fault nothing works !!!!! At least it's being recorded all my problems and that can only help when filling forms for this new sickness payment !!!!!!! It does look as if these leg pains are fibro it helps to know other. People are the same that I'm not going mad !!!!!! Xx


Hello. It's such an uncomfortable pain. I hope you get some answers tomorrow. Good luck, S x


Have you had your hips xray'd? Often pain in the groin and kneed are associated with hip problems . It's always best to get these things ruled out as all too often symptoms are put down to fibro when they could well be something else.

I wish I could take the pain away for you. I know first hand what it's like xxx

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