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Phisio bit of a supprise

Well on the plus side the chest pains have lestened, stoppend the naproxine and Laprazipole and that seems to have sorted it a bit. Still breathless so doing peak flow testing.

went to phisio and i have carpol tunnel in both wrists. Been given exercises and need splints at night only £27 fifty to buy the pair as it seems NHS nolongr supply them. Good job I can aford them then really. What has the NHS come to when phisios can only give you a list of suppliers to buy from?

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Oh jeez, now you have me worried. I am waiting to go to physio as I have been told I need foot/akle splints. This is due to me having ruptured the Plantar fascii in the right heel, failure to get it treated properley led to a ruptured tendon in the side of the foot as well as post tibial dysfunction, tightened achilles too. Heavy limping on the right has now caused plantar fasciitis and tightened achilles in left foot, so I am risk of rupturing that side too. I know I cannot afford these splints right now. But surgeon wanted me to have double op on right foot and I need to avoid it for as long as possible.

But I am glad your chest pain has eased and I am also glad you are having peak flow testing done.I have this done due to having COPD and it is invaluable if there is a real problem, so I wish you luck with everything. Hubby says he sympathises with you on the carpal tunnel probs xxxxx


Well don't dispair Ozzy as my daughter damaged her hand and she is in a different county to me and she got a splint on the NHS which leads me to think we are back to the post code lottery. I can't believe they would deny you splints for that honestly you have to have them I had problems with plantiaitis a few years ago and that is just so painful. I do hope they get you sorted and quickly x


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