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Music makes the world go round

Hi everyone this is my first blog, been on the site for a while reading all your blogs etc; found them to be very helpful also very sad too, just recently been diagnosed with fibro although i was suffering for over 3yrs the doctors checked for other causes MS etc; what a long painful journey so.......when i finally was diagnosed with fibro i was delighted as i wasn't going mad and i wasn't a hypochondriac. I'm on Gabapentin at the moment waiting for an appointment for the pain clinic dr say's it's likely March before i get to see them.

I'm seperated, have two teenage daughters i work part time and have a dog if it wasn't for them i think i would never get out of bed as the pain is quite severe at times and i'm always tired but what i do find that helps me is my takes my mind of the pain especially when it's a song i enjoy i have an i shuffler (i think that's what it's called) and i downloaded all my favourite songs so i just put in my earplugs and that allows me to do the things that i need to get done, i pace myself and i know when it's time to rest

Anyway just wanted to say hi and that i do very much enjoy reading all your blogs


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Hi and welcome nice to see you blogging, and hopefully you can find some help and advice too. Don't be afraid to join in the blogs

VG :)


Hi VG,

Thank you for the welcome, it took a lot for me to do that blog but hopefully now that the ice is broken there will be many more.



Hi Delta, it is such a relief when you finally know what is causing all those horrible symptoms. I remember crying my eyes out when I finally got my diagnosis. Now you can concentrate on finding ways to manage your illness to give you the best quality of life possible. I wish you all the best and it was lovely to 'meet' you via your blog this morning.



I very much agree with your sentiment. I have loved music since age 9 with the Beatles music revolution. It never fails to cheer me up and to quote John Miles "music" was my first love and it will be my last love to live without my music would be impossible to do"


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