Meeting up for coffee with view to starting a support group

I ran a support group in the next bough to me for 3 yrs I loved it .. I gave up as sometimes the journey could take over an hour , not good on a rough day . I have been thinking for sometime about starting one in my own area. Is there anyone out there living rainham , romford dagenham barking .. Essex that would like to met up for a chat a coffee ?

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  • Hello there Aura, thank you for your message and well done for thinking about starting your own Support Group! Hopefully you will get some interest from members in your area from here.

    In the mean time I am posting a link from our Support Group Directory which lists a group in Essex. I am not sure if you want to try to pop along there, perhaps it will give you some pointers to help you in your venture or you may prefer to attend there as a member. Your choice entirely of course.

    Here's the link -

    I wish you all the very best whatever you decide. I hope you get some interest! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Libs

    Would it be possible to send a link to me for Warwickshire,.preferably the Warwick area.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Dear Jom

    Here is the link to the FibroAction Support Group Directory

    Hope this helps


  • Hello there Jo, here is some info about a Support Group in Warwickshire, hope this is helpful to you. Always happy to help. :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thanks liberty z .. Steves and medway group are a distance from me . I do sometime met up with steve. And the other one is ME ...... Lol.

  • Hi aura, possibly try editing your blog title so include "Essex" so that people near you are more likely to read it. If it won't let you do this, an Admin could do it for you. Also, have you tried checking the Directory to see if there are other members in your area (this only works if they and you have set your location though).

  • Hi I live in East Anglia between Ipswich Norwich and Bury St Edmunds. I have found a few support groups but they are all an hours drive away and I can't manage that. Does anyone know of anything around my area?

    I wouldn't mind trying to start a local group for people with Fibro / CFS chronic pain but wouldn't feel confident about taking it on alone as many days I just couldn't cope. Is there someone else who would be interested in joining forces? I live between Eye and Diss.

  • Hi, I would love to find a support group or even one other person near me who has this.

    I live in Hertfordshire,near the Essex borders. My main problem is I don't drive.

    The joke is years ago I lived in chad well Heath, Romford, and on your list of groups there are two near where I used to live, but I moved for a healthily life in the country. That turned out to be a joke but never mind. One day I will find a group that really understand how I am feeling, I had to give up working. I feel like I am 103 years old but I am actually 41 years old which according to my kids is very old. I do however find this condition very lonely. I used to be outgoing but now I never go out as I do not feel safe as I become confused so easily and get lost. I also can't walk very far due to the pain in my hips it is so bad even after Oramorph that walking is just out of the question. Never mind things can only improve.

    Caroline xxx

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