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Feeling like Wallace from wallace and Gromitt I feel as if my be has winched me out and fired me into my pyiamas

only to come whissing down a pole and now I reside at the kitchen table a waiting the bewitching hour I can ring the Doctor. First it was 8.00 not a minute before or after and now it is 9.50 -= 10 mins to nine. Cinderella did not have such problems when the clock struck 12 did she. It was 12 booms of the clock chiming and she raced away.

Now I am clock watching tick tock I hope it will be worth it.

The snow has melted and it is once again wet wet wet.

Welcome to Monday morning guys xgins

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hope you're ok.

I had my hair cut in a style to suit my age but easy to do.

my brother and SIL, who I love, both had suitable comments:-

"aye up. it's wendy wool shop grommit!"

"frasier darling! come to bebe" [frasier's money hungry agent]

still love 'em though.



Hope you got on ok telephoning the Doctors Gins and that you're starting to feel better.

Take care, the weather's nasty out there so keep warm, stay inside and please know that we are all here for you.

(((hug))) xxx



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