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Belated happy new year to all

Haven't been on for a while but am still in the land of the living well been to pain clinic got to try a tens machine and come off morphine patches, and increase my pregabalin so hoping this helps as to be honest the patches didn't seem to have the desired effect.. Will write some more when I have been to my gp today...vikki xx

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Hia Vikki,

nice to see you are still around hahah.

i too take pregabalin and i am going back to Pain management hmmm to what it will help i no idea!

i have done Tens machine i have a portable one i bought, but for me back in 2011 it just provoked and felt worse, but am sure it will help everyone in different ways. it made my muscles twitch really bad and they felt awful.

not tried morphine patches but am hoping for something preferably injections because i do not want to take pregabalin for much longer i am on 450 now i have gone up to 500mg, the Dr's always double me up with it and i hate doubling up i say i want to go bit by bit .

Let us know what happens after GP today xxxxxxxx hugs caroline


Well been to gp increased pregabalin and put me on antidepressants got to go back in a month. Tried to reply to you Caroline but couldn't for some reason. To be honest I borrow

a tens machine from sister in law and I had same result but maybe if they tell me the correct position to put pads it may work? Well you never know. Pain clinic did say the other option was an epidural but don't see how that would work as it only lasts for so long doesn't it? The morphine patch doesn't do much for me but am on lowest dose but clinic wasn't very happy my gp had put me on them can't win can you? Lol never mind we all might find that light at the end of the tunnel some day...take care Caroline hugs vikki xxxx


Hi Vikki,

what you up to in pregabalin now then? have you tried co-dydromol along side the pregabalin ? i take every 2 hours so stays in the system, dont get me wrong its not a dose of roses but it gets me through, i tried Tramadol and codeine but dont mix!

The Tens machine with that you have to becareful where you place it too so have to read on instructions not aloud on spine itself and you put around to where the problem is and never to use 2 pads together near to each other, which is the issue as when i placed around the area it seem to provoke it more but not only that i did not feel rite either.

i last used one in pregnancy and it was fine. EG if the pain is shoulder you put around the actual pain. in lower back same again around it.

hope this helps you can get me quicker and faster responses on fb if ever i can help in anyway.

I love this site because everyone understands it and it is for whether you feel gloomy or happy!!!

Injections no epidural does not lst long the injections they use should last roughly 6 onths which is why i want to change from pregabalin and pain meds because i hate taking day in day out with something that is stopping signals in my brain (its a med used for antiseizure & epilepsy and other conditions which is why i often question the Dr's ) another reason if Fibro is non existant they would not give you something of this category.

i will inbox you vikki xx

xxxxxx caroline


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