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Hi I'm a disabled mum who was put in the wrag but didn't av a clue at the time what it meant , my fault I know , I went for the interview with my link worker and was told he wouldn't mother me for another interview until 2013 , that interview was feb 2011 , I haven't heard from them since until I got a letter saying my 356 days were up , I av metal rods in my spine , I ad op in aug and dec 2012 , I have adult services caring for me , I have gateway services taking my children to school , I have house adaptions , I have a registered career , I walk on sticks , I self catheter , I wear pads if I'm alone because I can't make the loo. The list goes on ,I have appealed by letter sent letters in from carers , and my doctor , what chance have I got of going in the support group , this has eft me devastating and unwell with worrying, we've had no money over Christmas , I have 3 small children, and my husband loses money all the time because of my illness and I need his help with the children , I was advised sell my house and go ion a council house , then I won't have pay my mortgage , my husband worked hard for my house , has it come to selling , I wanna cry all the time , I do recieve dal high rate care and mobility , but that pays for carers , coz my hubby works we can't get anything free , which is fair enough , but I'm devasted we've lst the little bit I had ,

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Hello there Cuddley, I am so sorry to hear all this. It must be a worry for you and your husband.

Have you been to your local CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau), they have a wealth of information and could hopefully offer you some helpful advice if you discuss your worries with them.

Also if you email us on we will send you the info sheets from Benefits and Work for free. These have info on ESA and DLA regarding completing forms, assessments and tribunals etc. You may find these useful.

I hope this is of some help to you and I really hope things ease for you all soon.

(((hug))) xxx



I am not quite sure how it works out as to whether you can ESA support group if your hubby is working. Better sending for those info sheets Libs mentions. take it up with CAB or Welfare rights if you can. But I am almost certain you can't. I know you can claim Jobseekers but obvioulsy you are not looking for work and never will as you are so poorly. So that is that idea out of the window so to speak. I hope you find the info you need hun xxxxx


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