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Fibro , plus other conditions and exercise


So this new lifestyle I am trying to adapt to, the food is sorted, I have fibro and arthritis but thanks to a comment by Amanda I have purchased I very light weight arm and leg pedal exercise machine. Very simple to use it arrived yesterday and you just sit in your armchair and pedal, it's so light it's more for just getting circulation going than a full on exercise bike workout, but I think I may be able to do it and any movement however gentle has got to be better than non... I havent tried using it on my arms as I had my trigger point injections yesterday, so here's hoping for a fitter healthier me in 2013...

Thinks positive , I can do it .......

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Yes you can!


Thinks of kazF and her exercise plan.... Are you finding it as tough going as this kitten ?


Yup - that looks just like me! - lol!

Just go gently, VG - I manage to exercise, but if I overdo it, I pay for it big-time! Love ...Moffy xxxx

Well done VG for giving it a go!

I'm planning on staring my weight watchers diet on Monday,there is a meeting in my village so I'm going to it and see what they can do for me!iv got an appointment with my Dr this morning just to check its ok to go ahead with diet..PB xx

Hi VG can you let us know how you get on please , i wonder if it would be good for me ?

my problem is my legs go into my hips at the wrong ankle so driving is not possible. I could ask my GP hmm would he have a clue tho

take care and try not to stray to far ha ha xx

Well done :) it's a step in the right direction xxxx


Good for you VG for going for the exercise & Healthy Eating Plan.

I want to do it but just have'nt had the motivation to do so.

From New Year I have beem back & forward to Mums & my Brothers houses bein Nuse to both of them. They've both had a flu & now UTI's. Mums worse though as sh has a lot of blood in hdr Urine.

Luckily my pain seems to be under control as I am religiously taking my meds on time. Dad has been a great help by cooking our dinner at night. I go up & bring it down for my bro & I.

I've to go out this morning when I get bro sorted with breakfast etc & get shopping for both houses. I am currently staying at my brothers. Both are on there 2nd courses of antibiotics.

I am hoping that I can get away from here without picking anything up. Its a case of wearing gloves & washing hands all the time.

Hkpefully when I get home I can get myself motivated & stop comfort eating which is what I am doing a lot of at night.

Keep up the good work & hopefully I will be joining you in fighting the bulge very soon.

Take care & happy new year.

Jackie xx

Hi can u tell me what It's called and where u bought it please. Many thanks and good luck x x

Well I've gone back to my low carb eating plan. Lost 6 stone with this a few years back but I've put a stone back on and boy do I know it!! Exercise is difficult cos of fibro and osteo but I'm gonna give this HIIT a go - High Impact Intensive Training! I try to run on the spot for 30 secs then rest for 3-4 mins then repeat twice. New thinking says this is all you need to do 3 times a week to keep healthy!! Good enough for me!!!! XX

Thanks everyone for the positive ness ... Is that even a word... Keeps me motivated

VG x

Good luck to you any exercise is good, I go to the gym when I can but I also walk my dogs every day, even if it's a really slow walk I get some benefits from it,so keep pedalling away and feel proud that you have done it

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