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Spreading love and hope see u tomor and Thanks Ozzy!! Also VG

Spreading love and hope see u tomor and Thanks Ozzy!! Also VG

Well hope see you tomoro to wish happy new year, staying cosied up indoors dressed up at laptop wine in hand all been well.

Too cold and not fussed with expensive taxis or ones that dont turn up,

Crowded pubs and clubs, always a disruption some where, so staying put :-)

Xxx kisses to all you lovely lovely friends xxxxx

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Dear Fairycazzie,

I am pleased you feel more positive with the help of some Forum Friends!!

I think most would agree that many of us have felt low at certain points as we struggle to be strong and fight all the time. Everyone here can listen and be supportive to each other because of empathy & understanding.

That's what the forum is about and I am glad we have such lovely members one & all !

Enjoy the celebrations seeing in the New Year

Best Wishes



Thanks Emma

Get the pic lol i thought was funny & appropriate for online friends.

Yeahh well think Ozzy hit it i just never saw it or used it really.

I usually end up saying to hubby, do you get a kick out of having a dig at my daughter and do you enjoy the fact that when i tell him something that annoys me it seeds in his brain and he uses it to do on purpose.

I say black he says white. Especially arguments.

Seems just like this illness and other things and flares more often that arguments are getting more yet he would never ever in a million years walk out!!

Your thinking well thats good he loves me.

I think he is a leach he was in the beginning and he still is!

But yet never says he loves me unless i say it 1st, he never comes near me unless he sees tears, he puts it down to how fragile i am.

Maybe i am too harsh, mayve all this is poisoning my mind too.

Everything is hard to accept and i just try carry on focusing and being strong when inside me really is weakening and thinks the answer really is to close my wrk down and relax !!

But where does the income come from then, am fighting a losing battle it seems.

Ohps gone on there fir something thats meant to be chirpy chirpy cheep cheep hehe.

I just feel all the fun and laughter and family silly days have gone as my house was a mad house, now everyone walks on eggshells or friends come in see my few bits equipment and it changes things.

I just ungrateful and want me back as do we all xxx

Rite stop!! I must turn the mode off and slap a happy face on its NYE!! Yeey ;)

Ok i will when been back to sleep haha to start a fresh

Sweet dreams Emma xxxxxx take care and you look after you too xx


I saw the picture and all the birds on the line!! We certainly are a large flock of birds , chattering and chirping in this case the dawn chorus!!

I posted a blog Fibromyalgia & Family that you may find interesting with a link to an article I posted a while ago. It may be of help as you may be able to relate to some aspects

Thank You for your kind words , Sweet Dreams to you too


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