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ssshhh! :)

as I've been sat reading on here my budgies are fast asleep with their little heads tucked round into just above their folded wings, they are all fluffed out and nestled down on my arm which is resting across my chest.

2 little fluffy 2 ounce bundles. sweet, lovely and so trusting.

I've been quite worried as they've both had jippy tums and let me tell you budgie bottom burps stink!



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You think they stink when you have two lol,. Try having 8 of them, plus cockatiels, finches and all manner of birds. Poooooooo, but sweet xxxxx


Oh and house sparrow poop beats them all lol


awww we shall be very quiet shhh sandra they sound so lovley!!

back in the 90's i had 2 love birds i got pics somewhere so will try put on just for you , beautiful colourful birds and messy .

had 2 budgies and some one babysat, left a window open, nooope did not escape but the cold did the inevitable and when one fell asleep so did the other :-( gave up on birdies.

so have a white german shepherd long haired and 2 long haired kittens.

messy, and can be soooo smelly too . xxxxxxxxxxxxx


i have a " hubby " he can be very smelly after too much fizzy pop :) does that count ? ha ha sorry i have been good all christmas and it just got too much xx



does he sit on your arm and do it?


i must admit it hasn't happened yet Sandra but then you never know in this life whats ahead


whoops what happened there my laptop has a mind of its own

my hubby does have a large fish tank but the bubbles come from a hose not the fish so i guess it excludes me from this topic xx


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