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hi not been on here in ages,6mths ago had the ordeel of atos visit&got put in support group with no date given till when,happy new yr from atos im to be tested again!iv been on disability&incapicity for 11yrs due to spine op that left me disabled.also have fb&oa in hands,now the stress of filling form again making me we go again!are they testing every 6months then?cos im never getting any better,worse in fact!i have independence living/ot&social worker&hubby my carer(he has me&chronic fatigue)this is a lovely start to the new year,had a home visit before suppose will have to again as in wheelchair.sorry for rant but this is persecution of the disabled!

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Dear Lolly pop,

We understand the way you are feeling as many of us have had the strain of applying for and appealing against the benefit system. Sorry it is causing you so much distress.

If you haven't done already you can email FibroAction and they can send out the Benefits & Works Guides out for free. These might help advise you and reduce some of the stress you are experiencing at the moment.

Also please look at the link below to the FibroAction website for the information on Benefits

Hope this is of help

I wish you all the best



Sorry email for FibroAction is , meant to give you this should you decide you would like the guides


Poor you, lollypop.

Like you, I feel that this government and Atos (the government's hench men) are persecuting the disabled. I have had my letter and the 'phone call and am awaiting the questionnaire. It has made me feel sick with anxiety, too. Just what we all need for Christmas and the New Year, as if we don't feel bad enough.

I am sure those in power are hoping that we'll all be so ill that we'll either die or top ourselves with the stress of it all.

It is unbelievable that you are going to be reassessed after only 6 months. They are wasting so much money on all their admin and assessments etc etc and yet they begrudge the chronically sick and/or disabled the small amount of benefit that they are really all entitled to.

It makes me seethe.

Hang on in and don't let the b******s grind you down. We are all here to support each other so let off steam on this site.

In the meantime take very great care of yourself.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


thank you,im just shocked so soon,months of waiting&stressing again,i hope this isnt untill retirement age,im only 52!i will have white hair at this rate!start filling form tomorow again!!yeah definate got it in for the disabled,its not the high life as they think it is!we struggle with pain&no money if only they would understand...but their heads in the sand they dont live in the real world!big hugs xx


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