does any ladies get really itchy boobs or is this my age?

I go through spells of really really unbearable itchy boobs all over and it drives me crazy so so irritated and it really unsettles me . it lasts a couple of weeks and then as in this case i dont get it again for 6 months. Im not sure if it is my age(44) or the fibro and any suggestions welcome

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  • Hi, well Im 44 too so cant really help you with wheather its age or Fibro but I get it to. I also get itches on other parts of my body as well so I've put it down to Fibro. Its not normal itching it doesnt go away when you scratch, it just gets worse . I've drawn blood on my arms and legs and even my boobs. Which was quite hard to explain to my partner, lol.

  • Ah I didn't know that. I get itchy boobs aswell and when I scratch, it doesn't go away so I leave big red marks across myself. I hadn't linked it to the fibro. I am 29.

  • I have extremely sensitive skin which can feel any hair or crumb in the bra, which causes my itching. My arms too. My arms are more affected by shower gel not being cleaned off properly though. I now wear a bra from M&S which has a lovely smooth interior [underwired, padded] which guards against many irritants too, but even a bit of fluff from a jumper sets me off. I also find that having put more weight on with taking Lyrica I need to be careful to wash often between breasts and chest and then wash the soap off very well too. Otherwise it becomes extremely itchy under there too. I have no idea whether its the same kind of itch you are talking about, but watch out for fabrics and washing - both of the bra and skin.

    There are creams you can get for itchy skin, maybe you could try one of those?

  • im 48yrs and for yrs mine got itchy constant,i would claw esp in the middle i have put weight on and boobs are alot bigger but itching is there but not so much,i stopped wearing bras with lace,i dont wear deodrant on the skin except a fragrance free stick from boots made for older ladys,in the summer i get sore underneath i use cream of gp now,no talc as it irritates pores and can make itching and sweating worse,use fragrance free soap,like simple,our skin dries out quicker when we get older so we need to moisturise to retain elastisity of skin,once a week i dont shower instead i bath in baby oil in water makes a big diffrence.....who said life begins at 40 ,you gain wrinkles and loose health.

  • looks like its the fibro . like others i could scratch until i bleed its a really intnse itch . my bust has grown too from b cup to e cup which i put down to amitrypiline . God this fibro really affects every part of our poor bodies such a nasty condition :(

  • Me too, but hadn't considered it being part of fibro !

    Like you Dawn I thought it was down to my age (46) e45 helps. Last summer (if you could call it summer) I suffered a blistery heat rash in the sun.......never had that before, I used to work abroad and was often really dark speaking to the doctor and being told I am now sun sensitive came as a big it's now a case of factor 20 for sensitive skin !

    I guess we're going to find many things that our bodies react differently to than prior to fibro ?

  • I think it could be the Fibro as I tend it itch all over, sometimes it feels like I have ants crawling all over me. Some days worse than others. I never had this before my diagnosis, so it points to another delight from Fibromyalgia. ;)

  • hi yes i get itching too but it only started a couple of mths ago and its only my nipples they feel sore and itchy!

  • Ha ah im going blind read get titchy boobs cant stop laughing ! my get very sore like when your pregnant most wierd ! and i itch just under bra strap perminant soz spelling all crank in fog atm .

  • The best thing I EVER bought was an itching stick from (hate to advertise), but Betterware. I get itchy breasts also, and itchy all over, this stick is worth its weight in gold.

  • I experince sever itchy feet and I scratch them and they swell big time and for relief I put my feet in a bowl of cold water.It is so severe that my temperature goes up and I feel as if I want to pass out.Creams dont work .

  • Wow... Somethings up because I am 44, and my breast and breast area have been itching me like crazy. At first, I though it was because of sweat or moisture, so I started using baby powders and talcum. Then, when that didn't work, I thought maybe my skin was too dry and started loading up on the creams and lotions. No remedy. I do know that this has been going on recently for the past 8 months or so, and I use all natural soaps in hopes that it's not something in my bathing products or laundry detergents.

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