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internet connection

i have ben having problems with my mobile connecting to the internet so today i took it to the phone shop and - the internet had been turned off DOH !!! did i feel daft oh yes , will i let my almost 2 year old Grandson near my phone again NO

saying that i still can't access my emails and he hasn't even been here hmmm i don't think i will be going back tho :) xx

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You knoow those tape things, wheere you type on them and they come out and then you stick them on things. Well imagine you blog on on eof those. It is passing in one eye, out the other and just nothing is sinking in tonight lol. I had to read it a few times before I relised you were talking about the internet on your moby :-(


lol i know what you mean, Toby is staying tonight and is filling in a crossword for Grannie, he keeps trying to turn off the pretty button on my laptop , when unable he grabs mobile and tv remotes . Now he has all the pens out think i am going to be shattered by tomorrow afternoon when his Mum finishes her 1am - 1pm shift xx


ps Grampy is asleep on the soafa hmmm XX


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