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FM Exercise Research

Thankyou to everyone who has already taken the time to reply. What I have done at this stage, as you may have seen, is posted on the website a possible exercise protocol under the strenth and conditioning tab:

I am still consulting with colleagues about ths best protocol and of course I await feedback from people with FM.

My initial thoughts are that we should start with exercise that can be done at home using only the body's own weight/gravity and no additional weights together with Pilates like conditioning using very specific exercises that would not be contraindicated for widespread pain. This can be progressed to gym based exercise if appropriate/t olerated.

I am hoping to recruit 100 people (50 women and 50 men) and start the project in the new year. If you think you would like to be added to the list please complete the short survey at the weblink.

Hope this is helpful clarification.


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hello andrew ,

i am interested in the outcome of this having been a fully qualified weights and aerobics / nutrition etc instructor i first noticed something wrong with me when i started losing muscle mass i used to weight train at home and gym religiously and being then married to a bodybuilder even diet was strict and healthy , i used to try my hardest to get a pump into the muscle but nothing happened and then the feeling of total exhaustion and pain came to me like id ran a marathon the after effects ?? and as ive also ran the equivilent of the london marathon for charity on the treadmill when i was working at the then courtneys gym i do know what that feels like! now if i walk around the shops for too long and walking is as we know a gentle exercise i can be stopped in my tracks with unbearable pain striking where it likes ! so as i said interested in what you come up with on this one as im not a give in type of person but i know that this isnt psycological you cant detect when your going to be struck down and where its going to strike good luck in your studies



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