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Just a little thing...brings a smile!

Yesterday, in Tesco's buggy, I shopped for the final things I needed to decorate my Christmas cake.

So I was in the isle, having been down it once before and now coming up - really could not find the Royal Icing, it was rather annoying. So I took a deep breath and checked each item on each shelf around the normal granulated sugar when I spotted it! They were on the, almost, top shelf.

I got off the buggy and walked a few paces to get it, noticing on the way a mother and daughter looking in that area too. I guessed she was making a cake at school and needed the ingredients, as she was gently arguing that 'but its cheating, isn't it?' and her mother trying to get her to see that this was the right solution. [I don't mean to listen in, but...]

Anyway I reached for the Royal Icing and turned to see the girl now beside me. I asked whether she wanted some too, and passed her some on her agreement. I told her it was brilliant as otherwise she would have to use whites of eggs and lemon juice.

Her mother was smiling behind her and I moved away feeling I had done something good. It was nice.

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Bless you, Sarah-Jane, I bet you made her day! Hope you enjoy icing your cake and eating it! Have a lovely Christmas. Saskia.XX


It is so nice when we can step in and help out a parent when a child thinks differently xxxxx


hi Sarah-Jane you didn't answer the phone to me did you? lol

I like doing nice small things too, it's a nice feeling isn't it? thanks for sharing.




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