Is being in the Support Group Means Tested??


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  • Hello there Reflections, thank you for your question - the answer is dependent on which type of ESA you are entitled to -

    There are two types of ESA:

    ‘Contributory’ ESA – this is not means-tested and is designed for people who have built up National Insurance contributions through paid work or being credited with contributions. As with other ‘contributory benefits’ you have paid into the system through National Insurance.

    ‘Income-related’ ESA – this is means-tested and is for people on a very low household income. You do not need to have a National Insurance record to get this.

    I hope this helps. We are always only too happy to help where we can, so if you have any queries, we will do our best to help you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Hi Libs I am on income related ESA, so I guess this means in my instance being on the Support Group would be means tested. Thanks.

  • My pleasure Reflections, I hope this clarified your question. Happy to try to help any time!

    (((hug))) xxx


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