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I had my first Amitriptyline dream...... Wow weird

My dream was so real and vivid it must have been an Amitriptyline dream... I dreamt I was setting off on holiday all the people got on the train then I realised they were the same people I went on holiday with the year before... And i could remember wverything about the year before...Not true in the slightest haven't had a holiday in years .. Anyway the upshot I woke up my OH as I was gripping his arm shouting you must remember this everyone here is the same as last year... Then the nun who was smuggling small bottles of drink in cut outs in her bible shouted she is possessed and pointed at me and with a roar the passengers all got to their feet... Fortunately the roar was my alarm ......very weird and vivid, who needs illegal drugs when you can get these trips on prescription......

It was so real I actually don,t feel like I have slept anyone want to volunteer to have my next dream for me I like my dreamless nights.


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That sounds amazin where did the Nun come from that obviously liked a wee tipple - but then dreams are bizzar at the best of times arent they. I have not had any dreams recently which I am heartily glad about, mine were a mix of my previous life with late husband and new life with fibro and OH I really did not enjoy them so I am pleased they have vanished for a bit.. So no not volunteering today sorry xgins


Ahhh the vivid Amitrips lol, literally. SInce I was 11 I have never had a 'nice' dream. So I only ever experience nightmares, so when the trips from the Amis started, being so vivid made the ongoing nightmares more vivid than before. I was dreaming that I was in a huge restaurant and in the window on the other side was an air vent. In the blink of an eye that simple air vent turned in a jet engine, people were being sucked into it and spat out in bits on the other side. It was so vivid I woke up in a sweat and I was physically shaking & crying. Even today(months later) I can shut my eyes and see the scenes of any of my nightmares, never forget them. I dread falling asleep but yours sounds not too scary lol xxxxx


Wow thanks amazing! I was on Amitriptyline for four years, up to 75mg recently (I don't take it any more) and I didn't experience these dreams. From memory I don't think I had a single Ami type dream! I guess we are all different and respond to our meds differently.

I hope you have a peaceful event-free night tonight VG! :) (((hug))) xxxx



This is very interesting... I have been increasing my dosage and for the last two weeks have been on 50mgs and that's when the dreams started... woke up screaming on one occasion, on another talking very loud about how I wasn't going to do it - no idea what I wasn't going to do but I hubby said I was adamant I wasn;t going to... I thought all these dreams were just the pressure of Christmas and having lots on my mind... but now you have me thinking that it could be the meds



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