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Iiiiiitttsss chrriisssssttmmaaasssss

Yes I am dressed like Noddy holder opening my advent calender and gazing at the pile of Christmas tree lights and Decs and a super large advent candle...... The first christmas card has arrived...Decs going up today... Despite the pain of fibro I have never lost my love of Christmas

How many other fibromites while on the exterior being young adults, parents work collegues and grandparents feel about 6 every 1st December and have an advent calendar still..... Mine had a rather leery christmas elf behind door number one.. Reminded me of gins on the cooking sherry.

VG x

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Lead me to the Sherry leers Gin in happy Christmas spirit (cannot drink sherry my face turns bright scarlet) Can we have a different wicked spirit please. Wow you received a christmas card really impressed VG you must have sent yours in August. xgins


No of course not it was the guilt card that you get when you know full well you can't get one back or a present of which I got a little one as well,,,, from my mobile hairdresser... She then rubbed salt on the wound by saying it was her birthday too, I didn't know she never said and I certainly didn't expect a Christmas card and little gift off her so am now sitting here with lovely hair feeling very guilty


Oooo advent Calender sooo forgot!! Thats a 1st as with kids we always buy them. No wander my daughter was hinting other wk when they were helping me shopping.

Tuts bad mother lol best let my 12 yr old get one today.

Christmas tree went up mid November haha but has fallen down with the kittens climbing in to it so many times so funny and cheeky though.

Do not tempt yourself and eat them all and shut the doors haha thats what my kids doo xx


I,m confused fairy what do you close the door on and what should you not eat the kittens or your children ....blames it on fibro fog .


I just got my first card ... oh please no .... it's too early lol


Ohhhhh Vg i was laughing that much then that i was signing in woth hahaha and could not get in tuts..

I understand now what you mean hehe .. Thats me switching conversations rolls eyes..

I meant your Advent calendr haha dont eat all in temptation silly meee but you made me chuckle as i thought was you having a monent haha xxxx


No advent calendars here lol. They would not last 25 minutes in this house let alone 25 days xxxxx


I always buy Advent (chocolate) calendars for the family even though the children are all grown up, one for hubby and one for me too lol! I love Christmas too VG! xxx


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