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Disability tests 'sending sick and disabled back to work' - Telegraph

Some 52 per cent of those assessed as able to work under a new medical tests regime do not claim another benefit immediately after receiving their ruling.

An independent report for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) showed that 10 per cent of claimants went back to their old job, while 18 per cent found new employment or began working themselves.

Others retired or were supported by their family – adding up to more than half who no longer claimed state benefits.

Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, said the figures were proof that a "significant number" of people who claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – the main incapacity benefit – are in fact able to work.

The assessments are a key part of the Work Programme introduced by Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, a scheme costing up to £5 billion under which private-sector providers are paid to help the long-term unemployed find work.

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I read something about this yesterday. They want to force people back to work even before they've had their assessment to find out if they're capable of working? Thats how I read it, also that the work programme is less successful than not doing anything to help disabled people back into work. Its all crazy! :(


I worked for the NHS and they can't just sack you they have to try and find you a job that you can do and they did but i was even too unwell for that job so eventually they discharged me on grounds of ill health. The DWP put me in the WRAG a year later i am still awaiting result of appeal. And today they didn't pay me and they said it our fault someone will have to call you back before 4:30. So what am i supposed to do for money, there reply i dont know. Many of those that return to work have absolutely no choice and it all comes down to money. Those who have someone to support them financially should count themselves blessed beyond measure. I on the other hand have me and the cat.


Hi. its probably cost £5billion because its a stupid system. Ive been on long term sick benefits for years. I have Fibromyalgia amongst other things, that stop me from being able to work and support myself. The DWP are such a pain in the bum, no one knows what theyre doing and they dish out plenty of wrong advise,which sends us round and round in circles, expensive circles because we have to keep phoning them to get their mistakes sorted, or do anything at all. Once youve got it sorted, they "assess you", declare you fit for work, you know youre not fit for work, so you apply for benefits again, blah blah blah....its an ever revolving situation. No wonder it all cost so much. The government are their own worst enemy. Its ridiculous, and meanwhile WE get all the hassle, stress, depression, anxiety, worry etc. Surely our GPs and specialists know us best and have been prescribing meds to us for however long. Wouldnt it be simpler and cheaper to send a form to us for our GPs to fill in, at a 10 minute appointment, to confirm that we arent well enough to work...job done. The present system is so complicated and its just so the government can get rid of the relatively few fraudsters. Not only that, if you do try working and find you cant cope, you have to go through the distressing weeks and weeks of waiting for DWP to get your claim through and to get money to you, and lets face it, they only have 2 speeds, slow and backwards!! As Migrembe said, what are we supposed to live on till they get their finger out?? "There's a new wonder diet out, its called the wait weeks for your benefit and slowly starve to death, diet". The sad thing is that there's NOTHING we can do but wait wait and wait more. And they dont care. Good luck to everyone stuck in this very wrong situation.


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