use of 2 regulations that may help in assessments

Hi, i was recently sent this link. sounds as if it could be of use to a lot of people in their assessments. but please check it out for validity with a welfare rights team before using it.

i found it interesting.

hope this is helpful to people

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  • This was indeed a very interesting read, thanks for sharing it. Hilly xx

  • Yes indeed I have put it on my favourites to read properly I think it is very helpful. Well done for finding and sharing this. Colleen x

  • yes I had heard of this before I went to my tribunal. When I got the refusal through the post they had craftily typed in at the bottom 'regulations 29 & 35 do not apply'. Enough said xxxxx

  • your kidding me ozzygirl. is there no end to what this lot will do. every loophole for the vulnerable seems to get filled as soon as its found. while loop holes for the well off are left wide open. sorry if thats political but its the truth.

  • Are the govement not inn danger of Discrimination against the disabled you talk about loop holes been filled in the system for the disabled but not for the rich

  • they ARE discriminating. against all vulnerable people. from unemployed, to terminally ill and all points in between. there is now no doubt about it as they arent even trying to hide it now. I believe someone is actually taking them to the European courts of human rights.possibly this is the reason cameron is trying to get out of the EU and to stop the Human rights laws/change them in the UK. not up too much on whats happening now though on this. (hope we not going against this sites rules here.perhaps a mod could tell us.???

  • should say. they are trying to get the UK govt charged with crimes against humanity.

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