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so yesterday i went to see a rheumatologist privately,he was really nice(i did see him a long time ago for a neck problem) approx 10 years ago and he recognised me which was nice,to cut a long story short ,he thouroughly examined me for the fibro ,he wants me to have some scans ect... i felt a bit awkward and said i could not at this time afford them,he said oh don't worry about that i will write to your g.p with recommendations and see you back on the n.h.s ,he was really sweet and seemed concerned( as i do have quite a few other health problems,he thinks i have something wrong possibly with my spine also ,so all in all i feel it was worth the £180 for the consultation also if he writes all his findings down i can't see why i can't maybe once again challenge the atos report and the dwp as the atos "doctor" in her amazing two minute feel of my body stated there is no tenderness in my body!!

even though there was evidence i have a left rotar cuff problem, (oops! starting to rant about dwp!!

i am still fighting with them and have absolutely no intentions of rolling over and letting them win, i ha ve a few things going on in that area so to speak,so i will let you know how i get on,but i really feel on a health point of view it was worth seeing the rheumy privatlely , x

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That is great news, well not great that you do have problems but good that it has finally been recognised.

It is a shame you had to go private to get some answers but I know this isn't always the case. There are some really good NHS rheumatologists and often the work for both NHS and private. Ours around here is useless but my doctor is amazing.

Isn't it a shame that we can't all have understanding doctors and consultants.

Piggie hugs xxxx


I was lucky that I got to see an amazing rheumy 3 weeks ago on NHS, who is testing me for anything and anything to rule anything else out. Took 10 pots of blood, x-rays and had scans ordered. Writing to me and gp with findings and recommendations. Said if some doesn't work they can do more studies on exercise, sleep etc as an in-patient too.

Have just started different meds, keep fingers crossed they may work for me as I know with us that everything is hit and miss. Must say I do have a fab gp surgery too and they have gone above and beyond with helping with my DLA claim. Got some finally but asking for suppression as per what tribunal said 4 months ago.

Don't give up your fight, think that's what they want people to do. I took others with me to help at tribunal and as they were professionals we challenged doctor there that said I would get better. Yeah right might have a few good days and a lot of bad. Asked him when was the last time he was in practice as things move on. Would highly recommend taking others with you. Good luck.


Hi electric glad that you have found a sympathetic Doctor. I know all too well like many of us with Fibro that a good Doctor is a huge weight off our already strained mind. Please do not think you are ranting about the DWP. As far as I am concerned I would rather an appointment with the Grim Reaper and the Devil combined than a member of Atos! I have been fighting for my life basically against the DWP since April this year. I have been fighting for ESA and due to the inaccuracy of the HCA at Atos' report also my DLA. Rest assured it is worth the fight. Yesterday I had my ESA Tribunal and won. Originally I scored 0 points and yesterday that was changed to 21 points. Quite a big difference!!!

I was represented by my local CAB and the lady who took on my case was fantastic! Try and make sure you have someone from a professional body to represent you. My CAB Rep went straight in guns blazing and within 30 minutes I had my decision. The JP did say that they did not feel the need to ask me too many questions as I had sent in a lot of medical evidence. Make sure you get copies of all medical reports that may be written. The "Freedom of Information Act" means that any medical body that rights a report of you has to be made available to you. Some hospitals will automatically send copies of discharge letters to a patient as part of their commitment to sharing information with patients.

If the DWP have requested reports from medical professionals to reach their decision about your case you also have the right to copies of those. My CAB representative told me to telephone the DLA people and ask for copies of all medical reports used to make their decision. That way you know the specific things that you need to challenge and appeal against.

Hope I have helped you in some way. I know it is hard but try and stay strong!


cheers zeemo, it did't help my tribunal having my union rep who was no help really he seemed more terrified of the judge yhan myself and my partner both together, lets just say i have a few ongoing irons in the fire, i do feel (and anyone who has a ounce of brain cells)that i should be in the support group not the wrag group,so i have no choice but to keep commencing battle i will only let them get away with treating me badly if i die,but until then, "i will fight them on the beaches...."!! etc..etc.. if you don't laugh ,you b*****y well cry x


Congratulations on winning your appeal Zeemo, I'm still waiting to see the judges report and statement of reasons why I lost my most recent appeal ( I won the last one went from 0-18 points). I am sure it is because of all the backpay they'd owe me if they had to pay the extra £25+ a week for the wrag group. Just been turned down for dla again as well and waiting on the dear old atos report for that one. We shouldnt have to fight so much just to afford to live. When will they realise that if we could support ourselves that would be infinitely preferable than having to grovel for every penny x


can't understand why i have got 22 points and the tribunal wont place me in support group?


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