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The mind set needs to change!

So I had quite a stressful weekend due to having so much to do and arranging to meet up with family for the first time since last Christmas also having a partner who sometimes adds to my stress by his moaning. :(

What a surprise, come Monday I am so depressed and in so much pain throughout my body. I felt very anxious that I end up needing red wine and end up not sleeping a wink last night. :((

I had a traumatic past, lost a parent and mentally abused by ex-husband and felt the onset of the Fibro symptoms since then. I find I don't seem to be getting any stronger emotionally but more sensitive to life's little stresses and strains and cant seem to cope. :/

I even wonder whether I had a nervous breakdown and this is all also part of the fibro symptoms!!


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It's funny that you should say this, as last week I had an appointment withe a new Rheunatologist, who specialises in Fibromyalgia. She asked questions about my past - any traumatic experiences etc? I gave her four examples and after she scraped her jaw up off the floor, she told me that when it comes to stress there are three kinds of people. Those who ignore it, and let someone else deal with the problems; Those who try to cope and end up having nervous breakdowns, and people like me, who meet trouble head on and like it or not and deal with everything in their path. Never like to say no when asked for help you rise t the challenge. Although mentally strong the stress has to go somewhere so many of us end up with Fibromyalgia.

You can recover from a Nervous Breakdown but once you have the Fibro diagnosis, it is forever.


Em xx


My heart leapt for joy when I read the title to this post 'The Mindset Needs to Change'. Unfortunately it was replaced by sadness as I read the post.

Maladjusted - your post described the typical personality type that develops this condition. But I hope your Rheunatologist didn't tell you that the condition is for ever! That last sentence made me realy sad. There are people who have recovered and they are doing wonderful work helping other sufferers. Please don't give up hope. There is life after Fibromyalgia.


Thank you both for your comments.

@ holistchater. I relate to what you say.

I am understanding from myself how it is affecting my life everyday. I am a spiritualist and I am very aware so when I went through the years after the aftermath, (I was also bullied at school) day by day the experiences of body pain have been so recognisable with Fibro. I know my mind affects the way I feel physically and mentally has a big effect but it is a fight sometimes to be the other way! I believe we must not stay in the past or live in the future but be in the 'NOW' it all makes sense to me. I am fighting a little depression and the knocks today are harder. I understand that the blows throughout my life have caused my Fibro and I do not need a Doctor to confirm this but it is up to me to change and the mind and will make a difference to me. I understand this but it is that little fight between the good and the bad, I guess!



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