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Yesterday saw the culmination of the seventyith birthday celebrations

My goodness everyone was prompt 7.00 came and by 7.15 all had arrived. The fish and chips was a resounding success and anyone who fancies a bit of ado I strongly suggest it. We are lucky to have a brilliant F&C shop and the fish was lovely none left over. So consequently I am walking very badly which puts back out and other hip out too easy no washing up I also cheated on the puddings ready made from local catering firm. A remarkable number of jokes led to side splitting giggles and happy people. When they went home at about midnight there was a sparkling heavy frost twinkling all over the road. So all enoyed it thank goodness and there is really no clearing up to do.

As usual I have been down stairs since five although exhaustion is making my brain rather fuzzy my left hip is playing a very stupid game it origionates from Osteoporosis in the femur head

This also means right hip lower back and upper back are out of kilter Today there is a family lunch and then relaxing peace.

Downtown tonight the last one in the series looking forward to that Have a good day xgins

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Nothing wrong with this thread EXCEPT I didn't get any pudding see my lecture in your post above

Late hugs VG x


Glad you all had a great time GIns, the fish and chip idea sounds brilliant. As you can see I am still playing catch up with the posts lol xx


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