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Knee Replacement!

Had a full knee Replacement nearly 3 yrs ago was a successful in the eyes of the surgeon!..(who as a good reputation for his work!)...but for me I still have pain.a different pain now.done all I should have after op,but things have not been right since then,pain is more on that side were op was done,going into my foot.but last year or so its crept all over me,there is Arthritis in my family,and I have got it in most part of my body,and I get real bad days with it.but my whole body seems to have all these different things going, and was it all going to happen to me any way?..Or is it old age....:-(

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Hi Myrtil.

Sounds like you need to go back for an assessment of the knee to make sure all that was done was correct. Sometimes these things may need a minor adjustment.

It might be worth seeing GP for some help with pain medication as well as you sound like you need it. Hope you manage to get some rest from it all today

:) X


Hi Myrtil sorry you are in so much pain. I agree it is worth mentioning to your GP. I hope you find some relief soon

Healing thoughts

Storm x


Have seen him I amoff sick at the mo..taken Amitriptyline and paracetamol or co-codamol for pain, Dr is aware of whats going on..its all trial and era with meds..which im reluctant to use...cos so many side affects..:-( xx


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