My GP has reluctantly given me 14 tablet Zopiclone 3.75 Mg - (in case of emergencies) - has anyone experience of these? Thankyou.

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  • Haven't used them personally but they are supposed to make you sleep... I think your gp gave them to you short term and reluctantly cos they can cause addiction and hallucinations, but I would think it would take longer than 2 weeks to get addicted, and if you are not getting sleep then sleep deprivation causes hallucinations anyway.. Well it did for me, If you desperately need sleep then take whatever dosage your gp prescribed

    Good luck


  • Hi

    Well I am a nurse and I know by experience that doctors don't like

    To prescribe these as they say that after a while you will not sleep

    Without them and they also stop working so they have to increase

    The dose

    For me my doctor is fantastic, I have not slept for a very long time so he

    Prescribed them for me I think that if you don't sleep the pain is worse

    I have taken then for the last year and now I sleep without them my

    Sleeping pattern has improved no end, I don't need them now, I have

    To take a pain tablet before I go to sleep but, I don't stay awake all night

    Any more, some times the pain wakes me up but I can cope with that

    Sleep for me enables me to work.

    You do get a dry mouth but lots of medication does that, I am told that

    It makes people have strange dreams I have not experienced that,just

    Bliss and relaxation for me.

    I expect you will have people tell you different in here but for me it has

    Made a great difference to my life, I don't take them now.

    Good luck Viv

  • My GP told me they don't cause addiction at that dose and she is right about most things as i trust her. Anyway I think it can be down to the way it suits the person as everyone is different and the way some pills suit some people is different to others. I hope it works for you.

  • my husband ha these. he takes every night but some nights if he cant sleep or in too much pain he can take one of these. he is only allowed to take them now and again not every night and no more than 2 times a week. when he needs more he has to see the dr and they make sure he is not getting more to early. our dr has said they can cause addiction so i have to monitor his meds ( hubby has severe memory probs and mobility problems. told to live as if parkingsons and early onset of dementia but hospital wont give full diagnosis for some reason he also has PTSD from NI )

  • It's not really to do with addiction, it's to do with

    Your body getting used to them and then they

    Don't work as well, I certainly was not addicted

    Just stopped and found I no longer needed them

    It's only addictive. In the fact that you begin to

    Believe you can't sleep without them

    For me it was a life saver

  • Hi there,i have had Zoplicone in the past when i have been going through emotionally difficult times they are a very effective sleeping pill my G/P is also reluctant to prescribe them long term due to the addictive nature of the drug which can lead to dependency and inability to nod off on ones own! I take Gabapentin which as helped my sleep tremendously and i take Tramadol also so the combination of the too knocks me out,which is fantastic!! Good luck and hope you get some much needed quality sleep! Love Della xxx

  • Use em if u need to. I have but they gave me a funny taste in my mouth so the gp gave me a different kind to help sleep. I use the other kind now when i need them and its fine. Going without sleep for days on end is worse than the fear of becoming addicted which is unlikely anyway. x J.

  • I found they sent me to sleep, but didn't keep me asleep, if you know what I mean. I stopped taking them about 7 years ago and take Amitriptylene instead. I get a much better quality of sleep now. Hmmm... both together should be amazing!!!

  • Thank you all for your responses. Not having sleep and poor quality sleep is exhausting and I do believe the pain worsens. I think I will use them one or two days a week. I'm a bit afraid to take them as sensitive to meds and seem to be intolerant. Maybe cut it half and see. It's essential to get sleep isn't it. (Had to stop Amit. 10 mg and also the Cocodamol cos of bad stomach cramps). Thanks again.

  • Hi

    For the first few nights they helped me to get to sleep but the effect only lasted a couple of hours and I wakened up as anxious and depressed as during the day. Now I if d they have no effect at all.

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