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New to this site

Hi Im fairley new to this site.I have Arthritis and been told I have Fibro..!! I work 30 hours a week and claim Working Tax Credit,would like to reduce my hours as im finding it rather hard at the moment..:-(..Also trying to sort out pain control..Im due to retire next sept.or reduce my hours would I be able claim this DLA?.Be happy for some feed back...thanks xx

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Hi not sure if this is still correct but when I needed DLA and care component. I was told if you get it before your 60 you are entitled to carry on with ,it but you cant claim after 60, because then you can claim for Attendance allowance and pension credit etc along with your pension. So if I was you I would put in for it asap. If you are refused go straight back and appeal !! Also do it through CAB and they help you to put down the exact answers (ie; worse days ) :-)

We just appealed three months ago about the middle rate of care when my husband had the higher one before. CAB helped us and today he is back on higher rate. There are three rates in both catagories and if you get higher rate of mobility,you can get a mobility car, and help with aids if needed due you disability by not having to pay tax. so another bonus :-)

Well good luck and remember we are all sharing our symptems and problems, I have only been on here a month and what a difference it has made to me!!

Gentle hugs x x


Sorry got my smiles mixed up should have been :-( but smily faces cheer us up lol


Hello and welcome Myrtil! Great to have you with us in our lovely forum! Take a look round the Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of info about benefits there.

Also if you email we would be happy to send you the Benefits and Work info sheets which would help you too.

Any queries or concerns you may have, please feel free to ask at any time. We all understand here as we are all in the same boat. Always happy to help!

I hope you enjoy your time with us here at FibroAction! :)


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