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Been to see my Rheumatologist

Well appointment went well last friday ,now have to wait for appointment for Pains Clinic as my pain relief not sorted properly yet .Then on Saturday I woke in terrible NEW pain .Dr says its SCIATICA bloody great , wouldn't give me any more pain relief said i was on enough ,can only walk dolly steps ,been doing some leg exercises like Dr said and little walks ,as its ok for Dr to say try walk about when your in agony its harder said than done ,So have not been on here all week been crying and feeling sorry for myself .Got to see if im able to drive today going to see my best friend who suffers fibro 2as not seen her all week ,as she doesn't drive ,.Well rant over hope you are all ok ,Im always here for a chat take care Ness x

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I finally saw one 2 wks ago, mixture of emotions tbh, properly confirmed with Fibro, as i had been told i had Osteo, But at least now i get some sleep (amitrip) and i have my physio starting soon , hope you feel better soon, x Rin


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