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Hi again!

Hi all! It feels like forever since ive blogged but by time i get to sit down at the end of the day im to knackered to get the laptop out!

So an update on me -

Done all my dla forms today, been told to expect to be refused a couple of times but may get some help eventually!

Awaiting an appoitment to the pain clinic which is going to take aggggggges!

Spoke to the council who have agrees to send someone round to my flat to do an assesment for my housing association to instal a shower as i struggle with getting out the bath.

Starting to up my meds yet again to try and battle against the cold weather! Never realised ot would affect me so bad and its not even proper winter yet!

Sorry if spelling is bad, fat fingers and small buttons on phone dont mix!

Hope everyone is doing well

Love to you all



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Hello Holly, good to see you! :)

It certainly sounds like things are happening for you! You seem very organised, well done! :)

If it takes ages to hear about the Pain Clinic, try chasing it up with your GP, hopefully it will make a difference. These things notoriously take time unfortunately.

Heaven forbid you do get refused with your DLA, keep at it, I know how hard this can be. Try to see it through, appeal if necessary. We will support you as best we can, any info you need etc just ask.

Have you got the Benefits and Work info sheets regarding DLA, the process and appealing etc? There is invaluable info on this site. If you email we will gladly send you the info sheets.

Wishing you all the best, it's so nice to see you back with us! Here's a hug (((hug))) :)


Thank you :-) i am going to try and make more effort to get back on here as i love the site so much and everyone has helped me through many bad times. I have done my dla through cab so they will takr care of appeals etc for me which makes it a bit easier but i will email for the info sheets so i know what to expect so thank you.

Im hoping i manage to fall into a deep sleep soon, this is the 3rd tome i have woke already tonight but this time managed to fall asleep with my shoulder in an awkward position so it has frozen up and is really painful!

Here goes sleep number 4........



Oh and a hug back to you as well (((((hug)))))

I have certainly missed this site :-)



I hope you manage to have a restful night Holly, see you here again soon! :) x


Lovely to hear from you Holly, it does feel very wintery already doesn't it ... whatever happened to the Indian Summer that the met office were whittering about?

Julie xx


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