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2nd week on gabapentin

ok i will start again as i just accidently deleted my entire vlog oh dear!! well was saying how i getting more sleep and my pain levels are dropping im on 600mg 3 times a day and this is so far seeming to be an effective dose. how ever i have noticed a increase in tiredness, one of the fibro systoms that i only get mild, wether thats cos i have hypomaina and ocd i dont know.

im trying to reduce stress in my life but with 2 kids and a loveless marriage its hard

i just used to fact stress is normal for me

anyway i havent noticed any horrid side effects apart from the increase in eve tiredness and occasionaslly drunk not long after taking them but thats starting to lessen now.

anyway im so glad to sleep not so glad on my 1half yr old waking me up, oh well i got a good nights sleep its better than waking in severe pain!!!!

hope u all have a good weekend and thank u lacey777 i did watch all the vid as i have a personal interest in genetics medicine and the mechinisims of the brian and i have wked in addition and know about naloxone so find the study very interseting,

why is it hat drugs fda approved for one thing turn out to be better for us than for what they were meant!! trail n error i guess!!!

hugs Tink

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Hi Tink,

I`m a new comer and just reading some of the messages.

I tried Gabapentin it was wonderful, but for me it had side effects and I had to stop. I knew others who were taking it though and comments made were to do with sleepiness to start with. After that it seems to settle down if you can stick with it.

It must be very difficult when you have such young children as they have so much energy. Hope things improve soon re sleep : )

Best Wishes

Minimouse x


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