Turned down for Home visit against GPs request

Hi my husband is due for an ESA assessment but has severe neck, back and leg problems and finds it very difficult to travel long distances in the car he is waiting to see an orthopaedic consultant and is on the urgent list for his neck and back his GP wrote letter to ATOS explaining why in his opinion my husband would not be able to attend the appointment but would agree to a home visit, today he received a letter from them turning him down saying that the GPs reasons were not justified, if anyone can advise what to next please let me know in fact any help would be grateful.


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  • Maybe you need to go back to them and asked who exactly made this decision and are they qualified to say this without actually seeing you husband?

    Piggie hugs xxxxxxxx

  • I agree! Without seeing your husband it seems extremely unfair making a judgement like this when clearly he can't manage to go to the surgery. I would pursue this as Piggie suggests above.

    Please let us know how you get on, I hope it all works out well for your hubby.

  • get the CAB on board !

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