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If an atos assessment is carried out at home what is their idenitification given without an appointment being issued

I feel sure some one knocked on my door from atos but I was unwell enough to answer the door (having a bad bed day!) but I did manage to see that the person was wearing a id badgearound his kneck attached with a red coloured ribbon - anyone know what sort of id they have? Have not heard anything about my assessment yet and this was some weeks ago now,

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Your caller was probably a charity worker or some electric/gas company trying to get you to switch.

ATOS are supposed to give you several days notice of a visit, they shouldn't just turn up without a prior appointment. I know it is difficult but try not to worry.

I was waiting to have a medical appointment after getting ESA. But I discovered that the Incapacity Benefit medical that I had said I wouldn't be fit to work until spring 2014 ... so they haven't wasted money calling me in for another inquisition. Maybe if you have already had a medical in the past few years they are not worried about seeing you just yet.

Best wishes

Julie xx


Hi Julieevh - thank you for that - I am so worried that they will just call without notice - I have nothing to hide other than them misinterpruting what I say or do - I was told on my last medical that I would not need to have another one until 2014 so maybe you are right - however that said it would be nice to know - as I am due to renew my motability car in January and just do not know whether or not to do it - as I just do not know what is going to happen if I get assessed - what a horrible situation we are all being put in - but thank you for your answer - many thanks - best regards Sharon X


Hi Sharon

If you have been told officially that you will not be called until 2014 then rest assured you will not be called so don't worry.

E x :)


I submitted my form back in June but still have not heard anything - just keep watching the post..... they say no news is good news...... fingers crossed

Thank you


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