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Thank you from 26th Sept!

Why does it have to be such a struggle?!

Thank you so much to all of you who replied to my post on 26th Sept - 'This is my 1st Blog.......' Your replies were greatly appreciated, it was so lovely to hear from people who understand & have had similar experiences. x

I'm really struggling with things right now, having problems in my marriage (mainly due to my depression & me being ill all the damn time), which is making me miserable & constantly tearful. We are really struggling financially with hubby havin to take a pay decrease, mortgage rate has been put up by Santander (sods!), plus the probable loss of Inc benefit/ESA hanging over us (poxy government!!!!). I've had really bad flare ups in wrists/hands, neck, ankles & knees, constant bladder problems have got worse, IBS is really playing up & gynae dept is all over the place! I'm finding everyday such a struggle, especially to look after my toddler son properly, e.g. getting him to pre-school, coz that's a 10 min walk either side of a bus ride, so if i'm having a bad day it's a huge struggle which i then pay for, for a few days after & he's meant to go 2 & 1/2 days a week. I'm sorry to whine on, but i just really wanted to have a moan & vent a bit of it! Georgina xxx

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Hi georgina, when I was having problems with my husband understanding about my illness, I found it really helped finding lots of information about it and leaving him to read it. It really helped him to fully grasp what I was going through and he now helps me cope. Hope this helps



Don't apologise that's what this is site is here for.. I can totally sympathise with ankles, knees etc the weather does this every year. Am in the grip of major ibs flare.. 5 weeks ans counting .. Just when I get a good day and think its clearing up bang the next day it's back just as bad am going to my gp next week he said if it lasts six weeks to come back the meds are not working. I can just imagine how awful you must feel having to venture out with it and stress doesn't help at all.

Hope it helps a little to know we are here to listen , hopefuly someone will probably come along with some useful advice

Hugs VG x


You should never ever apologise for how you feel, whether it be mentally or physically. In the beginning I found that my biggest downfall. What is the point of being sorry for something you actually have noo control over. Even now after 20+ years I struggle with everyday things and thoughts. Like VG I am md flare, but for me it is the menieres, which is increasing the fibro balance problems tenfold. And this has been going on for about 9 weeks now. I was lucky with my hubby, in the beginning he could not understand it, I did not understand it much myself. But over the years he has seen what fibro is capable of and he is getting used to it. I also think that people, anyone, not just partners or family, cannot always accept what they cannot always see. But eventually they grow to accept it. I hope things sort themselves out for you soon and you know where we all are ready to support you xxxxx


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