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Totally disgusted with treatment !!

Went to the hospital other day as been still having pain in leg where I had fractured beginning of May. My last appointment in August I was told by my consultant it had all healed and to resume normal activities and was not due back until November and he would refer me to physio.

As I had not heard nothing 6 week later had to demand a follow appointment as after 6 week from august apointment pain was unbearable, got appointment for thursday and had another x ray and you could clearly see that the orignal frature is still there and not healed and new registar said should have had a plate put in at start when fracture was done. Now I am back to not being allowed to drive, even though been driving unknown that my leg was still fractured, putting the pain done to my fibro. The registar got my xray from August appointment and you could clearly see the fracture not healing, now need an operation. I have been totally neglected by my consultat and have spoke with a lawyer as this is totally medical neglience. Now I need to go in next wednesday for an operation by new consultant, I have just got over the chicken pox and this has had me in tears as now looks like I am going be off wok for minimum another 4 mth.

I am totally disgusted by the way this has been allowed to happen , how can aconsultant say your fracture has healed when clearly there has been no improvement when it is there in my xray clear as day.

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I can quite believe it.... My son hurt his shoulder we took him to casualty was told .. Torn ligament and to come back next day to see physio for exercises we did these for 2 weeks my son was in agony .. Took him to my gp he ordered x ray which hadn't been offered us as the hospital were certain it was torn ligaments.... After the X-ray it was revealed my son had broken his shoulder".!!!!!!!!! For 2 weeks we had put the poor child through agony. Are in the process of claiming medical negligence due to misdiagnosis... And it's left my son with weakened shoulder


Poor you! what awful treatment you have had to put up with, shame on this Dr and the NHS for mis- managing your injury. I can only imagin the pain you've been in and your anger is entirely justifiable. Im so sorry to hear that you must now undergo an op. I hope that this now fixes your injury and you can get back to work and and your normal life routine. Take care

Dixie x


im sorry u had to go through all the pain ,i broke my ankle laST october spent 3 weeks in hospital then a futher 4 weeks in cast ,had plait and 12 screws in and another 2 on other side ,wasnt told another op was needed untill the screws was hurting me ,eventley had them out 3 weeks since ,ankle still feels sore as torn the tendens allso,back to spealist in 3 weeks time , hope things turn out for you ok ,chin up ,didnt drive myself for 7 months ,sounds you got aclaim agaist hospital ,good luck with op xx takecare xx


poor you i know what you are going through few years back broke my hip went to hospital and they said it was just brused it took 2years of pain for me to find out when i went for private medical for some insurance and they told me than i had fracture of illayac wing which is the top of the bone on your hip i am now left with pain all day every day and a limp. so much for the NHS which stands for no health sence. i was told it was because i was allways complaining of pain as there was not so much about fybro back then and a lot of doctors would not accept fybro.


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