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not won my trbunal to get in support group what happens no what do i do?

they went from oct lat year and they no iv got worse but couldnt take that into account i was on tramadol then and now on morphine had all letters with me from docs physio ect didnt take any notice just kept asking why id no tryed for higher dla which i was going to do but i can only deal with one thing at a time with fibro fog and my deprssion and she kept saying its too late now ,cant get those words out of my head dont understand it and havent got a clue ass to what to do now.x

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im so so sorry i dunno what you can do now.reapply for e.s.a again i guess and pray you dont have to go for appeal again..

thats what im looking at after today with my appeal...

im very sorry and wish i could help but im in same boat after today?

good luck.x


i hope you win sammy.x


apparently theres nothing i can do or get now thanks dwp


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