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Occupational Health

Occupational Health

I am nervous of the next couple of weeks. After my third OH appointment, the dreaded report has been released to my HR department. This Doctor has made reference to FMS being covered by the Equalities Act 2010. I wonder if this will turn out to be the red rag to the HR bull.

I haven't felt well in recent weeks. Pain is worse and I get so tired so easily. The worst is the impact on my ability to think. I work in a field where my capacity to process information quickly is very important - and it's here I am really struggling. I also have RLS which interrupts the restful portion of my sleep on average 8 times per hour.

The OH doctor has been very helpful and constructive but I can't help feeling that this report could be a double-edged sword. The reasonable adjustments he suggests will all cost money, and I doubt my employer will go for it.

I need my job. I need to be able to pay the mortgage.

I just hope that my employer is prepared to be reasonable!

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Wishing you luck, I hope it all turns out ok for you.


hoe theoutcome is right fo y

hugs x


i have had loads of experience with the occupational health service so i hope i can be of some assistance. i have been in you position, the forum here has been great.... i took adivce from this forum and armed myself with all the legal facts....i basically girded my loins for a mammoth fight, however, it didnt really happen. the OH told my employer that i had protection under the EA 2010 and they recommended reasonable adjustments. So now I have lots of reasonable adjustments in place, the reason my employer has put these in place is because they are legally obliged to do so. Your employer will have to make the reasonable adjustments and some do not cost money, for example, micro breaks, later starts in the morning, working from home, and many more- take a look at this link

some will cost money like extending your sickness trigger points, disabily leave, not counting your disability with the usual sickness monitoring, letting you work shorter hours etc.

I hope this will ease your mind as you will see that no matter what the company policy is

( remember its only policy not law) the law will actually has the last say. it is important to keep people in work especially with the squeeze on the treasurys purse.

you should also contact access to work look to come and give you a work station assessment, if your company is small then the gov will make a sizable contribution to your equipment. i work for a central gov department so they pay all of it.

I have Hypermobility syndrome as well as fibro and i was terrified i would lose my job but im determined to stay working, i have to keep my job, not just for financial reasons but also for my own self esteem, so all the time i can continue working my employer must make reasonable adjustments to help me.At the moment i can cope at work, im determined to carry on working.

good luck and keep positive

lucy xx


Hi L ucy

The HSE link won't work for me. Also, can you explain what you mean about "extending your sickness trigger points " please?

I have a preliminary meeting with my line manager re my OH report next week. I am dreading it. I work for one of thosequangos that is about to be abolished and our work transferred to the private sector. The profit ethic in the private sector puts a different complexion on things.



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