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Nice to know I AM female

Been trying to save my profile, picture and details since I joined the site .... First it wouldn't save anything.... Then it saved my about me bit... Today it's recognised I have a gender and registered me as female.... But won't accept I WAS born or where I live .... Must admit it might be wise not to be able to see my photo.... Is this a known glitch or is the site also pretending that fibro doesn't exist either and won't register us (that last bit was a joke) :)

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Your a ghost !!!!!!! :-)

Nicki xxx


I have had no problems so it may just be a glitch. I know I sometimes try and post something and it doesn't work first time and then I go back and all is good. I just blaim my iPad which a love to bits but I have to say sometimes things go better on hubby's desktop pooter.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Ooh I am on iPad perhaps that's it :)


Hi, im relatively new here and have had the same issue on udating info.. managed a picture but wont let me put my location.. Im in the uk.. but just doesnt seem to accept it..mmm maybe its recognising im really from another planet... ha ha xxx


oh i had lots of silly problems .. i tryed to change the photo .. these things happen

nice to know you did not give up



Hi Verygrumpy,

Are you still having trouble? Sometimes it is best to leave it and try again later. But yes, it could also be the iPad, since the HealthUnlocked site does function best from an actual computer.

If you still need help don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Best wishes,



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