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something else?

Please could anyone help. I have FM, but im sure i have other problems also. How do you get diagnosis for other alments. Doctor always says, sorry there not much we can do.

My joints are so painful and stiff, my neck has a swelling to one side of my spine that causes some much pain.

Also everytime i walk upstairs for instance, the muscles in my legs scream?

Im sure i have some kind of sleep apnea?

Please give me yours views.


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Hello. Sorry to hear about your pain. Yes, I am afraid fibro seems to hate working alone.

I disagree with you doctor there are things that can be done. I think you need to go back to the doctors and ask to be referred to a specialist. As to which one would be best, I think you need to discuss that with him/her.

In the mean time there is a lot of information on the main website.

Good luck and keep is up to date with progress.

Piggle hugs xxxxxxx


Hi there, have you had all the blood tests to rule out any other disease? If not how does your Dr know that it is fybro? I would ask to see a Rheumatologist


I would suggest going back to your GP with a list of questions, give him a copy and work through the list together to see what he can or cant help with. There are various other departments he can refer you to, the Pain Clinic being one of them, but the referrals usually have to come from your GP good luck xx


I have sleep apnoea as well as Fibromyalgia. I started to get bad headaches 4-5 years ago and went to the GP. I had all sorts of tests including a brain scan. My bother had an aneurism so they were concerned about that. All the tests showed nothing and it wasn't until someone asked if I snored and I said like a warthog that I got referred to the sleep clinic. I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. I am on cpap which is very effective for me.

I agree about going to the GP with a list, it's your health and you are the person who knows best how you feel.

Good luck xx


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