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Oh not again seriously in need of a full body mot !!!

Just so fed up with my health at moment. I had spots appear on legs over weekend and just been to doctor and think they may be chicken pox, but unsure if are as I have had them before and shingles. Has signed me off for 10 days to monitor as I work with kids and see what is going on as said may be a over intoxication with my medication reacting against me, but as I look well and not unduly ill not concerned, to let her know if any change in how I feel over next few days as blister spots still appearing daily at moment. Just got back to normal after breaking my ankle. I need a break now, pardon the pun from ill health. Luckily I've got supportive employers. I am supportive to you all and suppose I should be thankful as my fibro is under control at moment. Nightmare I want a full mot

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im so sorry and maybe its also coz you are slightly run down too.

i hope it isnt shingles or chicken pox not nice hey.feel for you ive had both too.

i came up in a bad case of hives before last and couldnt go out far,and then got toothache it starts to get you feeling more down hey.

i hope they get to root of problem and work out what it is?

try and keep smiling not easy and rest and drink lots of water as well.



Thanks sammy xx


Sending you a cyber hug & every good wish. xx


ty celticmoon xx hugs to u too xx


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