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I speak "international"!

whilst pushing, or being trundled in, the wheelchair around London I didn't want to keep saying "excuse me please" so I decided to use something simple, easy to understand in any language - "beep beep"!

This worked wonderfully and almost everyone smiled and moved. One French lady smiled and said "beep, beep?" to which I replied in my best school french "Internationale oui?" she laughed and said "you are correct". So now we know, "beep beep"is International and I can speak it fluently! Feel free to use it.

chuckles, sandra.

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Great. You're so right. I have used this sometimes too. Will use it more now :) xx


Ohhh you made me chuckle with Beep beep haha am still smiling

Brightened my morning up.

Reminded me so much of my Anty P! No longer here now bless died at 53 in Sept 2008 she was the same she was hilarious she was disabled with her feet a rare condition that formed very thick hard skin, she used to zooom around and she once had a drink at mine and was drink driving on her scooter!! Ohh but was hilariously funny her son had to stand on it with her .

So you really made me chuckle and broughtvsome very happy memories!!!

Thank you



I read this out to my kids and even they chucked :-D

Thank you for that x

enjoy your day.



thankyou sandra99b putting a smile on our faces they do say laughter is the best medicine , if only we could bottle it ha ha, have a wonderful day J


hahaha love it


glad you liked it, it makes my day to hear that.

I also used "Q" as "thanQ" took too long!

regards, sandra.


My kids put a bicycle bell on my chair!! I also have one of those horn things. :-D It started at home when the animals (dogs & cats) & the kids too kept getting in my way but I have also used it out and about on occasion, just the bell & gently... People seem to find it amusing & I haven't received any nasty comments as yet - especially as the bell has a picture of tortoise on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have a picture of a tortoise with a little note that I leave by the door if I'm on my own. The note says: "Please be patient, sometimes I'm a little s l o w when answering the door!! Again this seems to work.

Gentle Hugs xx


Thats a wonderful day and you made me smile. the horn on my mobiliy buggy is more like a squeak, like a mouse, nobody hears it.


My husband wants bull bars and a bull horn attached to his wheelchair.....he is the patient sort! Lol


Thank you Sandra

It always amazes me that when you become disabled you 'seem' to become invisible too!

I might go out and buy an air horn - the louder the better!


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