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what to do after esa tribunal is denied

im making an appointment with my cab advisor but in the meantime does anyone know what happens is this the end of the road for support? mine was based on all evidence leading up to april, but in the mean time i saw a dwp doctor 4 weeks ago and e agreed with the evidence of the conditions that i suffer from on esa form backing up all i said and stating i suffer from significant disabilities, which the tribunal said they couldnt take this into account even though they asked dwp to send him for further evidence for my case this doesnt make sense? why ask a doc to examine me when they cant use his evidence, the reason for dening me they said was because i have no descriptor for schedule 3 and in my own evidence my condition has deteriorated since the date of the decision? what does that mean???? they asked me if my condition has worsened and i told them yes which the dwp doc's report backed up this, so if my condition has worsened why do they think i have to stay in wrag group and attend interviews this does not make sense? the judge asked if i claim dla i said ive just been refused she said she shouldnt tell me this but the last evidence from the dwp doc must not of been taking into account so photocopy it and send it to them asking them to look at my dla claim again thanks judge, can anyone make any sense of all this??? because i cant. xxxx

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oh and dwp doc stated i could only walk up to 20 yard without help, well within schedule 3, also i was always scored 15 points ive seen on here people being awarded 15 and winning trubunal, i had 15 points to start with, im furious at all this , and its made me feel more ill im aching all over and feel very depressed, its not fair at all xxx


It sounds remarkably like you have been refused by mistake from what you have said - I'm no expert but I would say a few phone calls to DWP are needed tomorrow. I'm not sure what the next step can be - CAB should be able to tell you what to do next.

Good luck

Julie xx


hi apeal send in any new evidence you have but you must go to cab they will help you, allway keep copys of all letters sent to dwp ask for your note from dwp about your atos med it will help with your apeal(repeal) keep smiling dave. ps any new evidence must be look at mine went befor a judge he said i had grounds for apeal again the sitting was behind closed doors


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